Support And Accountability

To Keep You On Track


Online lessons will teach you how to make small tweaks to your food, exercise, sleep, and emotional health habits. You’ll gain confidence implementing these steps by setting goals with your coaching team and tracking your progress in the miracle. Over time, these gradual changes add up to clinically-proven, sustainable, and impactful new behaviors.


When you start your miracle year, you’ll be matched with a coaching team that will keep you accountable to the goals you set. They’ll act as your cheerleaders and accountability partners, celebrating your successes and helping you keep your commitments. With their guidance, you’ll be empowered to find solutions to challenges and create a new day-to-day that’s sustainable and enjoyable.

You’ll meet with a coach on your team over 15-minute video sessions every other week. As you progress through your year, you’ll meet with the coach on your team who is best equipped to guide you through the given level of the program.

Your PROGRAM will be divided into 5 levels that encompass lessons, goals, and coaching sessions—each level building upon the last.

Days 0-14

LEVEL 1: Cleansing

Detoxification of the body

Embark on a transformative 14-day detox journey that promises more than just a cleanse – it's a revitalization of mind and body. Our carefully curated program focuses on nourishing your system with wholesome foods, allowing you to shed toxins and embrace newfound energy. With a customizable approach tailored to your lifestyle, our detox goes beyond the superficial, promoting holistic wellness. From day one to day fourteen, experience a gradual but powerful transformation, supported by expert guidance, rejuvenating practices, and a community of individuals committed to a healthier, revitalized life. Ready to kickstart a brighter, more energized version of yourself?

Days 15-16

LEVEL 2. Ignition

Reigniting the metabolism

Kickstart your metabolism with our innovative two-day calorie-loading approach, designed to revitalize your body's natural fat-burning potential. During this unique phase, indulge in nutrient-dense, wholesome foods to give your metabolism a gentle nudge. These two days serve as a reset, signaling to your body that it's time to fire up those energy-burning engines. Don't worry about guilt; this is a strategic and delicious journey toward optimizing your metabolism. By providing your body with the right fuel, you'll set the stage for a more effective and sustainable weight management journey. Elevate your metabolism and embark on a path to lasting wellness with our calorie-loading method—because sometimes, the first step to success is savoring every bite.

Days 17-57

LEVEL 3. Burning

Anti-Inflammatory + Intermittent Fasting

Embark on a transformative 40-day journey that combines the power of anti-inflammatory practices with the proven benefits of intermittent fasting. Immerse yourself in a holistic approach that not only nourishes your body but also supports overall well-being. During this period, savor a curated selection of anti-inflammatory foods that promote healing and reduce inflammation. Intermittent fasting adds an extra layer, optimizing metabolic function and promoting cellular repair. This dual strategy not only fosters a healthier relationship with food but also works synergistically to enhance your body's resilience and vitality. This 40-day path to a more vibrant, inflammation-free life, where mindful nutrition and intermittent fasting unite for a comprehensive approach to wellness.

Days 58-79

LEVEL 4. Stabilizing

Creating a new set point

In the fourth phase of our cutting-edge weight loss program, we introduce a revolutionary approach aimed at creating a new metabolic set point for lasting results. This phase is the culmination of strategic nutrition, personalized fitness routines, and mindful habits developed throughout the program. By fine-tuning your metabolism, we help your body establish a new baseline for sustained wellness. This phase goes beyond mere weight loss, focusing on reshaping your metabolic landscape to support a healthier, more vibrant you. Embrace this transformative journey, as we guide you through the essential steps to redefine your metabolic set point and pave the way for a long-lasting, revitalized lifestyle. Welcome to a new chapter of sustained well-being, where your body's equilibrium aligns with your healthiest self.

Days 79 and Beyond

LEVEL 5. Normalcy

Learn to reintroduce foods that you love so you don’t feel deprived or restricted

In the fifth and final phase of our innovative weight loss program, we guide you through the art of reintroducing foods you love back into your diet, all while maintaining a steadfast commitment to your health and weight management. This phase is a celebration of your journey, offering a balanced approach to incorporating variety and enjoyment into your meals. Our expertly crafted plan ensures that the reintroduction process is gradual, mindful, and tailored to your individual needs. By fostering a harmonious relationship between your dietary preferences and your well-being, we empower you to sustain the positive changes you've achieved. Welcome to the transformative fifth phase, where the joy of eating meets the wisdom of mindful, health-conscious choices, paving the way for a lifetime of balanced and sustainable wellness.

Refund Policy

The Release Results Guarantee Details
Last updated:2/1/23
With Release Results Guarantee, eligible members are guaranteed a minimum of 15% weight loss within one year on the Release One-Year Metabolic Reset, defined by calculating the percentage change in weight at the start and end of the Release program. Eligible members who do not achieve 15% weight loss in one year are eligible for a program refund.

To be eligible for Release’s Results Guarantee, members must:
Have signed up after 2/1/2023 for the One-Year Metabolic Reset.
Have completed Release’s One-Year Metabolic Reset.
Have self-paid for Release’s program (not through an employer or insurance program).
Have completed the full one-year program without pausing.
Release or an individual member may initiate a pause. Member initiated pauses occur when a member chooses to put their program on hold for up to 90 days and notifies Release.

Release initiated pauses occur when a member is not able to meet the criteria of the Release Commitment over an extended period of time.

Be compliant with the Release Commitment starting 2/1/2023 which includes: Actively participating in tracking throughout the program through the Release App, which is defined by tracking daily metrics (weight, food, and energy), and setting and tracking weekly goals at least 85% of the time (or 5 days a week).
You can request a refund by emailing Once deemed refund eligible per the conditions above.