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Release members lose on average 15% of their body weight. 

We’re so confident that you’ll succeed with Release that we back it up with a money back promise. If you don’t lose at least of 10% your body weight within one year on our Metabolic Reset, you’re eligible for a refund.

Yes – our Results Money Back Promise states if you don’t lose at least of 10% your body weight within one year on our Metabolic Reset, you’re eligible for a refund. Release members lose on average 15% of their body weight.

Currently, Release is available to individuals for whom the following apply. We are actively working on expanding access to Release. 

  • Are between 18 – 64 years of age 
  • Who are not pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Who do not have an active cancer or type 1 diabetes. 
  • Who live in the United States

Release approach to food is flexible and works with nearly all dietary restrictions, including gluten-free, kosher, and lactose-free (to name just a few). 

Importantly, the Release food program is not a diet: we do not use meal replacements. We have a 5 Phase approach that offers lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, and healthy starches.

The food program at Release creates a healthy, sustainable way of eating that promotes weight loss and sets you up for long-term health. 

Our Program

Release is a metabolic health company on a mission to change the way the world treats weight. Release’s Metabolic Reset combines Whole Foods and video coaching with lifestyle tweaks for at least 10% weight loss.  Release members lose on average 15% of their body weight.

A whole-body reset that sets up every part of your system to have a healthy response to food, sleep, exercise, and emotional triggers—through nutrition, whole foods, and lifestyle changes. When you’re in control of your metabolic system, you can take control of your weight.

Yes, Release is available in all 50 states and D.C.

Release is designed to be sustainable and fit into your life so you can see results long term, which is why the program is a full year. You’ll kick off Release with a 30 minute video coach visit with your Release Coach, where you’ll go through the onboarding process. During your Release Year, you’ll be meeting with your accountability coach once per week, and you’ll be spending time completing lessons as part of the Release curriculum to support you throughout your journey. Throughout your year with us, you’ll be in control of when you complete your lessons and when  coaching appointments take place.

Your initial coaching appointment with your Release Coach will take place via video and last 30 minutes. During this appointment, you will review your health history and goals, and make recommendations for your plan. 

Release is a Whole Foods, nutrition based metabolic reset. Here are just a few of the ways Release is different than other weight loss programs.

Our approach is “health first.”

Research shows that programs with a “weight loss” approach are willing to do anything to achieve that weight loss. Medications, pre-packaged foods, pills, and low calorie restrictive diets are a “short term” approach.  Release is focused on lifestyle intervention as the most effective weight approach to sustained weight loss. Unlike other programs, Release’s approach is fully holistic, setting you up for long term success.  In fact, Release helps members achieve 15% average weight loss, sustained for two years.

Release is flexible and sustainable

On Release there are no sweeping restrictions or calorie counting. Together with your coach, you’ll make small, gradual lifestyle changes that ladder up to big results that you can sustain long term. In fact 9 out of 10 Release members agree that the lifestyle changes in the program were sustainable.


See our Pricing for more details. 


The Release Results Guarantee Details
Last updated:2/1/23
With Release Results Guarantee, eligible members are guaranteed a minimum of 15% weight loss within one year on the Release One-Year Metabolic Reset, defined by calculating the percentage change in weight at the start and end of the Release program. Eligible members who do not achieve 15% weight loss in one year are eligible for a program refund.

To be eligible for Release’s Results Guarantee, members must:
Have signed up after 2/1/2023 for the One-Year Metabolic Reset.
Have completed Release’s One-Year Metabolic Reset.
Have self-paid for Release’s program (not through an employer or insurance program).
Have completed the full one-year program without pausing.
Release or an individual member may initiate a pause. Member initiated pauses occur when a member chooses to put their program on hold for up to 90 days and notifies Release.

Release initiated pauses occur when a member is not able to meet the criteria of the Release Commitment over an extended period of time.

Be compliant with the Release Commitment starting 2/1/2023 which includes: Actively participating in tracking throughout the program through the Release App, which is defined by tracking daily metrics (weight, food, and energy), and setting and tracking weekly goals at least 85% of the time (or 5 days a week).
You can request a refund by emailing Once deemed refund eligible per the conditions above.

Our Providers

Release accountability coaches come from a number of different backgrounds—including public health, psychology, education, and nutrition—and therefore have a number of different certifications and qualifications. Regardless of an accountability coach’s prior experience, all coaches complete a rigorous training program in order to receive a Release Coaching Certification prior to being able to meet with any of our members.

Members frequently share positive feedback about the impact that their accountability coach has had on their progress through their bi-weekly coaching sessions. 

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